Music is our passion and our lifestyle, that is why we always give our work special attention and a lot of enthusiasm.

Arturo Kress

Composer and musical producer, multi-instrument performer and sound technician, specialized in composition and recording of soundtracks for movies and TV, sound design, audio recording and post-production, effects dubbing...

The Study

It was created in 1984 under the name Pyramid Studios, where artists and groups of the national music scene recorded their works, specializing later in the production of soundtracks.
Currently it has been renovated under the name KressMusicStudio incorporating the best technical media and a large number of collaborators such as arrangers, orchestrators, performers, technicians dubbing, actors etc.

The Library

It has been created in parallel over the past few years and contains exclusive tracks in a variety of styles and instrumentations, made to meet the musical needs of any type of production.
The musics is sorted into categories by style: pop-rock, symphonic, new age, Celtic, jazz and electronic. The catalog is being continuously updated including new items and adding categories.
To facilitate the search music can be located by genres introducing the "tag" in the search engine, for example: typing drama, or romantic... tracks containing that word in the description will come up.
You can customize the music you want by speaking directly with the composer , you can edit the master, change melodies, instrumentation, develop specific parts and much more, obtaining your custom-made music.