Kress Music Library (hereinafter KML) is a music library service aimed at professionals.  In the "library" screen you can listen to all tracks in MP3 format without having to be registered as a user.

Once you have chosen the music to download in professional format WAVE 48Khz 24 bit, you must register as a user in the "log on" screen and you will be able to download up to a maximum of five tracks for synchronization or editing tests on the project for which it will be licensed. Once you have selected the final music you will make the payment in the "library" screen by clicking on the shopping cart of the selected track.

Once the payment has been made, the license will automatically generate with the data entered during the buying process and the limit of downloads meter will be reseted to zero. If for a particular work you need to download more music than the five track limit, you will be able to request it in the "contact" screen, indicating the reason for going over the download limit.

Invoices will be sent independently at the end of each month with all the purchases made.

Copyright payment only applies to those compelled to what is determined by law, being the broadcasters such as tv channels, radio, video distributors, etc. , that will be required to pay for the rights.

In no event the user or beneficiary of the License will be subjected to copyright claims unless it also happens to be a broadcaster.


All the music in the KML catalog is registered at the National Copyright Registration Office in Madrid, being Arturo Kress Varela, owner of the website KML and holder of all the rights.

For each purchase a single license will be issued, which allows the user the exploitation of the music, according to the terms of the license described below:


FIRST.-  This license authorizes the client to the exploitation of copyrights for the reproduction, distribution, and public broadcasting of the musical works/s object of this document provided that they are related to the production mentioned above.

SECOND.- The rights described in the previous paragraph are trasferred on a non-exclusive basis.

THIRD .- The scope of this license shall be worldwide and while the musical work remains in the public domain.  

FOURTH .- This license shall come into force once the client has made the payment for the rights purchased, at which time the client agrees to the terms and conditions of this license, and will subsequently be sent an invoice. 

FIFTH .- In no event, the musical work shall be exploited in isolation or in another project not related with the one purchased. All rights licensed under this document shall not be disclosed to third parties 

SIXTH .- The AUTHOR and producer of the licensed musical work will receive, through copyright collective societies and in accordance with the general agreements, any remuneration derived from the rights of reproduction, distribution, and public broadcasting, by making it available to the public on any system or format, by sale, rental or any other form of exploitation of the audiovisual work in which the music is used.

SEVENTH .- The AUTHOR reserves the right to exercise all the legal actions that may apply for the breach of any of the conditions set forth in this document, and may terminate and cancel the use of this license. 

EIGHTH .- For any claim resulting from this agreement, both parties are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of A Coruña (Spain), expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may be applicable.