What is music library?

It is a collection of music-related materials for patron use. A system created more than 30 years ago, it transfers the exploitation rights of musical recordings, usually instrumental, but without being exclusive, so the same music can be licensed multiple times.

This type of music is often used in low-budget audio visual productions (advertising in both TV and radio, video games, etc. ) when you cannot afford "a la carte" and exclusive music.

What is a transfer of rights license?

The license is a contract between the owner or legal representative of the Intellectual Property Rights (and Industrial if it is a music recording), and the customer who is going to use the music. There are many types of licenses, and depending on the price they can be exclusively transferred or not, for a limited period of time and a territory for exploitation which can be local, statewide, national and international, and may support different media (TV, radio, films, Internet, etc. )

What type of licenses are issued by KressMusicLibrary?

KML (KressMusicLibrary) licenses are "unique", which means that a single license allows the customer to use the music in any modality of exploitation, without territorial or time limitations, being able to broadcast it everywhere, provided it is always linked to the contracted production.

What is the difference between KressMusicLibrary and other music libraries?

In KML there are no intermediaries, as it is the composer himself who assigns the rights directly to the customer, which is reflected in the price and the ability to edit and customize the music according to the needs of each production, thus creating a carefully crafted and custom made soundtrack.

Is this catalog "royalty free" or free of rights?

No, and in fact no musical work is free of rights.

This term is used for music that has given up part of its rights. When you buy a license, you are already acquiring some rights detailed in the agreed conditions, which allow the commercial exploitation of the music and, from this exploitation, three different rights are generated. Author, performance and ownership of the physical recording (master) royalties which are managed by different entities.

Who is responsible for the payment of royalties?

Royalties are a percentage of the profits generated by the exploitation of the music made available to the public. For this reason, the broadcasters such as: television channels, radio stations, movie theaters, video or CD sales, Internet, etc., are the ones responsible for the payment according to what has been established by law, rates or general agreements subscribed by the authorized copyright collecting entities.

Producers, directors, recording studios and other potential users, are not subject to claim of copyright.

Why can I only download a maximum of five tracks?

For security reasons. In our catalog we do not we use the annoying "watermarks" and allow downloading prior to payment, to facilitate the selection and editing of music by the users. We allow up to five downloads to test in a specific project, and once the payment for the license of the selected music is done, the download counter is reseted to zero.

However, if a production requires a lot of music and needs to extend the limit of downloads, you will be able to explain and request this extension in the CONTACT screen.

What should I do if I want to customize music in the catalog?

Once you have chosen the music you can indicate any production needs in the CONTACT screen.

Any changes to the music, such as melodies, orchestration, synchronic effects, etc., will be evaluated by the composer, who will provide a budget and delivery time depending on the complexity of the work to be carried out.

Can I return music I haver purchased?

You can´t, since under article 103 (section m) of Law 3/2014 of March 27 amending the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users approved by RDL 1/2007, "the provision of digital content that is not been delivered in a physical medium when the process has begun with the prior consent of the consumer and user and with the knowledge on his parte that consequently the right of withdraw will be lost"

Can I transfer the music I purchased to third parties?

You can´t, the music is transfered only to the person or company that acquires the license.

How do I pay and get the invoice?

If you have a PayPal account you can make the payment instantly, either with the balance you have in PayPal or with a credit/debit card or a bank account, without having to provide data every time you make a purchase.

Download of the music is carried out immediately after making the payment.

Shortly after, you will get an e-mail with the invoice including the data you have provided.

More information at www.paypal.com